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Newly Qualified

Newly Qualified

As a fully-fledged qualified professional you have decisions to make in terms of your career path.

As a professional you have decisions to make in terms of your career path.

But how do you measure one firm against another and determine which will value you the most? Salary and bonuses are a starting point, however, money can only be half the story and it is not everyone’s motivating factor for choosing a career.  KPMG offers a generous and competitive remuneration package but what truly sets KPMG apart is less quantifiable.  We’re talking about our culture of individual support and constant desire to make your professional life here as stimulating as possible. 

At KPMG, we are committed to continual and life-long learning across the organisation, and this does not stop once you are qualified or if you have reached director level. Training is seen as an integral part of the overall performance development process, whether it is in the form of coaching, on-the-job mentoring or more formal courses. We believe in offering employees all the support and encouragement they need to reach their full potential. An annual appraisal with your performance manager will help set out your development plans for the year ahead – identifying goals and the kind of training that will help you meet them. This could cover anything from technical skills to leadership development, and in many cases training will be funded by the business. 

Development opportunities don’t end with training, industry secondments and international assignments to KPMG member firms around the world can not only give you varying professional experiences but quite often life changing ones as well. Whatever your ambitions and whatever your areas of interest, we’ll aim to ensure you’re always challenged, stretched and, most importantly, fulfilled.

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