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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

All your questions answered

All your questions answered

Where can I search for current vacancies?

Please view our job search page to apply for our current vacancies.

What does the selection process involve?

The selection process will vary depending on the job you’ve applied for. Most candidates will go through a three or four-stage process. This could include screening, testing, and interview stages. More information can be found in the application process section.

What tests may I be required to take?

You may need to take some tests as part of the selection process but this will again depend on the job you’ve applied for. Our tests are designed to help make sure that all our candidates are treated in a fair, consistent and objective way. The results provide us with another piece of evidence, which we can use to help decide whether or not you have the potential to succeed at KPMG. Full details of any testing stage will be given to you by your recruiter.

How can I prepare for my KPMG interview?

Our selection process is built around KPMG's competencies. By becoming familiar with them, you’ll gain a better understanding of the things we’ll be looking for at the interview stage.

What locations are available in the Channel Islands?

We have two offices in the Channel Islands - Jersey and Guernsey. 

Can I apply to KPMG member outside the Channel Islands?

KPMG has member firms in more than 155 countries. Visit our job search page to learn more about the countries we operate in.

Where can I find out more about the benefits offered at KPMG?

As well as offering a competitive salary, annual pay review and bonus scheme, KPMG in the Channel Islands offers a benefits scheme with flexible options, allowing you to tailor your package to suit your needs. Please see our why KPMG page to find out more.

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