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Application process

Application process

Our selection process will be tailored to the job you apply for.

Our selection process will be tailored to the job you apply for.

Screening stage

One of our experienced recruiters will review your CV to assess how well your skills and experience match the requirements of the job you have applied for. The more you can match your CV to our needs the better your chance of getting through the screening stage.

Testing stage

Experienced professionals seeking roles under manager level may be asked to complete a case study.  The case studies are designed to test for key skills needed for the role and your ability to apply your knowledge in context.  

Interview stage

As you’d imagine, the more senior the role you are applying for, the more interviews you can expect to attend. Our interviews are very much a two-way process. They’re designed to be challenging and will assess your skills and experience, but they’ll also be your opportunity to ask the questions that matter to you. After all, we want you to be sure that the role and KPMG’s culture are right for you. Our interviews are competency based and so we are looking for clear examples of how your experience 'fits' with the job profile and KPMG's values and behaviours.

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