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The impact of VAT on the retail sector

The impact of VAT on the retail sector

The impact of VAT on the retail sector


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What does VAT mean for Retail sector in Qatar?

It is expected that, in 2019 Qatar will introduce a broad value-added tax (VAT) at a standard rate of five percent, according to the Gulf Cooperation Council VAT Framework (GCC framework).

All businesses in Qatar will be affected by the introduction of VAT. However, the Retail sector differs from other industries, as there are a large number, and wide variety, of market participants –from local groceries to global hypermarket chains and there are a number of factors to consider which will affect different aspects of their operations.

In this flyer, we have highlighted the key areas that retailers should consider to ensure that they manage VAT effectively, drawing on our knowledge of VAT treatment around the world. When the VAT law is released in Qatar, it is important that retailers assess it carefully to ensure they are fully compliant and manage their tax in the most efficient way possible.

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