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Digital transformation

Digital transformation

A collection of @gov articles related to the topic of digital transformation.


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How human services providers are achieving digital transformation

Practical lessons for achieving and maintaining digital transformation. | 🕒 7-min read.


What does it take to achieve digital ID for citizens?

Today’s citizens expect seamless, online access to public services. All agencies and levels of government should be aligned, and data privacy and security assured. | 🕒 4-min read.


The power of mobile apps: Human services from the citizen’s perspective

While the increased use of mobile technology presents considerable opportunity, governments should be designing app-based solutions from the perspective of the end user. | 🕒 6-min read.


Internet of Things drives operational gains for Indian public transit

A new Intelligent Transport Management System in a sprawling Indian municipality is showing how IoT can transform the way cities manage their transit challenges. | 🕒 3-min read.


The transformative power of technology: Innovations in human services delivery

Technological innovation is offering new ways for governments to deliver human and social services, and connect with citizens. | 🕒 5-min read.


GOV.UK sets a high social media standard

A conversation with Georgina Goode of the UK’s acclaimed Government Digital Service. | 🕒 7-min read.


Are governments realizing the full potential of social media?

Leveraging social media to inform citizens and governments. | 🕒 5-min read.


Disruption calls for customer-centricity

Disruptive technology is driving public and financial service sectors to embrace greater customer-centricity. | 🕒 6-min read.


Providing a digital welcome for migrants

Providing a streamlined, digital approach to migrants, to ease integration and improve coordination of services within and between countries. | 🕒 4-min read.


Defense ERP 2.0

The persistent march of technology leaves defense organizations increasingly dependent upon enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to support every aspect of their operations. | 🕒 3-min read.

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