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Consumer Currents 21

Consumer Currents 21

This issue of Consumer Currents we look at the ways that consumer companies are achieving growth and competitiveness during an era where demographics are shifting, data is prolific, brand values are in question and innovation is constant. In particular, we explore the rapidly changing market of Africa, arguably the greatest opportunity facing retailers and brands today. We talked to the CEOs of Pioneer Foods and Danone Africa to discover firsthand what strategies are being deployed by organically grown and foreign-owned enterprises.


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Most leaders in consumer goods probably secretly worry that the market is changing faster than their organizations can adapt. How leaders use that fear can mark the difference between success and failure. The good news is that there are tools companies can use to manage this challenge. The starting point is your organization’s mind-set. Companies that achieve sustained, value-adding growth have, as we explore on p18, an ‘outside in’ mentality, which helps them focus on their-present and future-customers, reflect on how technology will transform their business and be alert to the disruptive impact of digitally savvy, well-financed start-ups. Brands that lag behind may find their business ‘vaporized’ in a similar manner to Tower Records, Circuit City and Borders.


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