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Audit Point of View article series

Audit Point of View

Shaping the future of Audit in Canada


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Audit Point of View article series

Today’s audit committee members and directors face a wide range of challenges and evolving industry trends. Keeping up with critical issues as they emerge can be difficult.

To help you further strengthen corporate governance, enhance audit committee oversight and add greater value within your organization, KPMG’s featured stories are designed to provide you with the information you need to be successful and remain competitive in the marketplace.

As the market changes and evolves, we continue to work with a number of organizations and associations to lead the discussion and help shape the future of audit in Canada.

  • “Quality” should top auditor selection criteria - 6/7/2016
    Fee hunting can blind audit committees to the quality imperative
  • The key to strong cyber security - 4/15/2016
    As global cybercrime continues to evolve on multiple fronts, cyber-targeted legislation is taking great strides to keep pace.
  • The degree of individual director accountability is on the rise - 3/1/2016
    The degree of individual director accountability is also on the rise, especially for members of Audit Committees
  • Lean in Audit - 1/29/2016
    Lean in AuditTM allows companies to take advantage of a broad range of new information and analysis to help generate vastly improved outcomes. 
  • Gauging the impact of EU audit reform - 12/15/2015
    Canadian audit committees will be affected by audit reforms in the EU and preparation is necessary.
  • Beware of risks pegged to the economy - 11/20/2015
    Audit committees face heightened business risks in the current, volatile global climate  
  • ERM is rapidly climbing the real estate audit committee agenda  - 10/20/2015
    Real estate companies now face an expanding threat landscape with enterprise risk management (ERM) moving up the audit committee’s agenda. 
  • Talking to audit committees about auditor oversight - 9/24/2015
    Valuable insights and opinions gleaned from interviews with AC chairs across the country.
  • Adapting to new proposals on Expanded Audit Reporting - 8/27/2015
    This article discusses the eight key points audit committees need to consider with the upcoming implementation of expanded auditor reporting in Canada 
  • Tips for members of not-for-profit boards  - 8/27/2015
    This article discusses the similarities in the issues faced by NPOs and for-profit businesses. This article provides valuable considerations and insights for NPO board members.   
  • You can’t stop what you can’t see - 6/8/2015
    Today’s ACs and boards are being held to a higher level of accountability. Responsibilities and expectations have increased and the repercussions of “not getting it right” continue to grow.
  • KPIs in the spotlight - 5/26/2015 
    Corporate performance is being evaluated on much more than financial metrics.
  • A perceived non-issue we should be looking at more carefully - 5/21/2015
    Investors, analysts and other stakeholders are no longer solely evaluating a company’s performance based solely on its financial statements. 
  • The insurance industry is facing a new reality - 4/30/2015
    Changes shaping the insurance sector must be addressed with active cooperation between ACs and management. 
  • More heat than light - 4/9/2015
    The Audit committee’s role is expanding to bring oversight to the financial performance information that links strategy, risk and performance. 
  • There’s no shortcut to M&A success - 3/20/2015
    ACs are becoming increasingly involved in the M&A process given their expanding risk role.
  • Cyber security is a critical audit committee issue  - 2/5/2015
    This article discusses the importance of cyber security in the audit committee role and the critical issues they face in managing cyber security. 
  • The audit committee’s contribution to strategy - 1/12/2015
    This article discusses today’s expanding risk environment and how ACs are getting more involved in strategic oversight. 
  • A new level of audit quality - 12/17/2014
    This article discusses the changing landscape around Audits and the implications of these changes.
  • Where is the auditor reporting model headed? - 11/19/2014 
    This article discusses how expanded audit reporting is evolving and how it will be applied in Canada.
  • Best practice makes perfect sense - 10/17/2014
    Leading financial institutions audit committees realize the importance of fine-tuning their best practices. 
  • IT Project Risks – Forewarned Is Forearmed - 8/18/2014
    The question for audit committee members is to what extent they should get involved with assessing IT project risk.
  • When the River Dries Up, Look for a New Source - 7/15/2014
    Audit Committees Should Consider Their Role in Helping With Alternative Funding Strategies.
  • Tackling Technology Risks - 6/19/2014
    IT intersects with the audit committee’s mandate to oversee risk management undertakings more often than many may think.
  • EU Audit Reform Makes Global Waves - 4/24/2014
    Companies and their audit committees are looking for greater clarity regarding the EU audit reform impact.
  • Succession is the better part of value - 3/27/2014
    The Audit Committee’s Role in the CFO Succession Process.
  • What is audit quality? - 2/26/2014
    Zen and the art of auditor assessments

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