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The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)

Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI)

KPMG's POPI team can assist by identifying specific risks for compliance, and at implementing controls to mitigate against those risks.

Work required in achieving POPI compliance often underestimated

Does POPI matter?

Getting to the truth

The South African legislative environment is constantly changing - often before business has become completely comfortable with its obligations under the preceding legislation; a challenge for any company director. 

It was no different when the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) was enacted in November 2013. Much fanfare was made in the press about the Act, but most especially about the “radical” changes that business is expected to adopt in order to be compliant. Almost every comment made noise about the fines that would be imposed if businesses failed to comply with its provisions. But how much of this is hype?  

Find out how KPMG has responded to this issue.

Brexit and EU privacy rules

View the video, EU privacy rules critical to business, regardless of Brexit, for a clip on EU privacy rules. This video addresses the question many global clients are asking: what will the Brexit's impact be? Similar to the situation created by POPI, companies are seeking to understand their current privacy maturity and strategy.

The video also highlights the need to raise the awareness, at a board level, around privacy and the associated risk appetite. 

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