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Vertial Integration

Vertial Integration

We’ve asked our KPMG professionals “what is the single best survival strategy for and FE institution”, their views are quite interesting. With the Further Education sector undergoing constant changes, the landscape is very different to what it was like several years ago and the future looks very different to what it does today. Derrick Jones looks at how vertical integration could be key for an institutions success.



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Derrick Jones has been working with institutions for over XX years now and has seen many different examples of how institutions have tried to develop extension strategies to strengthen them for the future. For Derrick, vertical integration is the single best survival strategy which an FE institution could adopt.

Exploring how vertical integration could provide a stronger, single solution for all education needs, Derrick looks at how these integrated institutions can provide benefits for learners and local authorities, and how FE institutions should approach the adoption of this strategy.

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