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Transparency report

Transparency report

KPMG in Qatar Transparency Report for the year ended 30 September 2016 is prepared to describe our structure and governance.

Transparency report

In this KPMG in Qatar Transparency Report covering our financial year ended 30 September 2016 and prepared in accordance with the standards set by article 40 of the European Union Statutory Audit Directive, we describe our system of quality control as well as our structure and governance.

Audit quality, supported by our methodologies and processes, is at the heart of our culture of integrity and our drive for continuous improvement.

Our vision is to be the clear choice by ensuring our people are extraordinary, our clients see a difference in us and the public trusts us.

Our leadership strives to promote a culture that quality is everyone’s job. Our methodologies and processes, to which we refer in this document, similarly reflect the drive for quality. We remain committed to working closely with regulators, committees, investors and businesses to enhance quality.

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