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Start-up - from idea to reality

Start-up - from idea to reality

Seed phase – KPMG services for Startups

Seed phase – KPMG services for Startups

In the Start-up phase you are mostly focused on developing your product/service and testing it with the first customers. The product creation part is yours, but we will help you in other matters, that are key at this stage of development. Our experience shows, that while in this phase, startups often lack a well-prepared presentation for the investors, value proposition, scalable business model, or soft skills vital for effective negotiations with investors.

KPMG services:

Revenue model & business plan

Defining how you startup will make revenue is extremely important for the success of your business and will be thoroughly analyzed by investors. We will help you determine a revenue model and verify underlying assumptions.

Market analysis

In-depth understanding of the industry is vital for the development of your start-up - it gives you the knowledge of current trends, prospects and the competition. We operate in multiple industries in Poland and around the world and we have access to extensive databases for individual markets. All that will allow you to timely identify market opportunities and threats to make adequate business decisions.

Legal analysis

The sphere of regulated economy is constantly increasing. We will determine whether the proposed project is not subject to supervision by regulatory authorities and/or is not subject to exclusive rights of third parties.

Effective communication of your start-up’s concept

What really interests your first clients or investors? How to present your product/service and your startup to different customers/audience, in what way to present it and what issues should you address? What aspects of your business and development plans are important to the investors? Adequate presentation of your concept, product or the startup is crucial for the successful acquisition of first clients, partners or arousing investors’ interest. We will help you choose the optimal method of communication and its contents, depending on your recipient and specific situation.

Getting funding

Rapidly growing startups are generally unable to finance their growth with the generated revenue. Ensuring an adequate funding at the time when you need it for product development or sales network expansion are a key success factors for most startups. This is why we will prepare you for the first talks with potential investors. We will use our network of contacts and contact you with VC funds, professional industry investors and corporations that might be interested either in investing in your startup or using your products / services. We will assist you in preparation of your business idea for the meetings with investors. We will also help you in proper valuation of your business in order to make sure that you are adequately prepared to negotiate the terms of financing.

Business mentoring

We are ready and willing to support you and your team leaders through business mentoring. We will inspire you for further development, help in setting priorities and strategic goals, defining Key Performance Indicators so that you can effectively monitor the development of your business. We will also prepare you to deal with potential, forthcoming business challenges and to properly manage risks, which are inevitable in any business.

Ownership structure & legal form

In Poland, a limited liability company (sp. z o.o.) is the most frequently chosen legal form for startups. Keep in mind, that this is not the only possible choice and depending on your business and the ownership structure (current or projected), as well as tax aspects you might want to choose a different legal form. In cooperation with out Law Firm we will tell you which legal form would be the most appropriate for you, allowing you to optimize your future income generated by your successfully developed startup.

Employment model

The choice of employment model is one of the most important stages of company formation, impinging on its future development. KPMG Law Firm will help you in the optimization of the activities related to this stage.

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