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Growth - scaling up in the business

Growth - scaling up in the business

Growth – KPMG services for Startups

Growth – KPMG services for Startups

Your product/service is available on the market and you have acquired first clients. Right now your main goals are dynamic increase of your customers base and the revenue growth. At this stage you face new challenges: lack of stable, systematic revenue growth, dissatisfied customers, unscalable business model, or deficient team. During the Early growth stage it is important to set goals and monitor their implementation and constantly improve the areas, where your startup does not operate as smoothly as you initially expected. At Early growth stage we will help you to define goals and action plans, as well as in the analysis of problems that you face, in order for you to be able to quickly make decisions about improvements of your business.

KPMG services:

Development strategy

We will analyze your past achievements and assess if the growth of your business can be stable. We will consider different strategies and adopt the one that will increase the competiveness of your product and allow for the revenue to appear faster than the costs. All this comprises the preparation of your startup for further dynamic development and expansion. We will also help you prepare/modify the existing business plan – in the form of financial model – which will help you in identifying key growth and risk factors associated with further operations of your startup and to assess the amount of external capital needed at different points in time.

Product & geographical expansion

Depending on whether your product is present only on the domestic market or also abroad, we will analyze the opportunities and the challenges posed by the entry into new markets. Subsequently, we will formulate an optimal strategy of market deployment of a new product and/or existing solution, noting the specificities of geographical expansion, possible business differences, cultural and linguistic variations and analyzing possible modifications that could potentially increase revenues while effectively managing the costs of marketing, sales and customer service.

Sales strategy & management

We know that true, stable growth cannot be accomplished without efficient sales strategy. We will help you in determining such strategy, as well as support you in creation and implementation of an optimal sales management model.

Tax strategy

It is worth to address the possible tax strategies at this stage of development. We will analyze your startup in terms of achieving greater tax efficiency using national tax laws, so that by appropriate tax planning you would be able to build a competitive advantage.

Security & data protection

Have you already considered the security and protection of data of your clients and your startup? Companies rarely think about cyber security and often overlook the risk of data loss or hackers’ attack and think about it when it is too late. We will help you in the analysis of methods of company data (including customer data) protection and we will indicate the optimal solution.

An employee stock options

Options are an important incentive during the acquisition of key managers. We will help you in establishing a system that will encourage your employees to jointly build a value of your company.

Getting funding

Obtaining private funding at this stage differs greatly from the process during Start-up phase. Investors are willing to invest more and at the same time have higher expectations – hence, your faith, vision and enthusiasm are less important than the operating achievements of your startup. We will comprehensively prepare you for talks with the investors, helping you in valuation of your business, as well as preparing you for possible negotiations.

Mergers & acquisitions

Our knowledge and experience in the area of transactions will allow you to effectively take control over other companies, or to merge with another entity. Our specialists are experienced in complex realization of such transactions – their preparation, search for partners, negotiations, due diligence of potential partners and valuation of their businesses.

Attracting talents

It is obvious – the greatest value of any startup are its founders and employees. Thanks to our extensive network of contact and experience in HR, we will be able to assist you in acquisition of talents, contributing to your further development.

Incentives & tax allowances

Our Grants & Incentives team will present you with different forms of incentives and tax allowances that are available for your startup.

Aid funds

Mentioning the aid funds we refer not only to EU funds, but also local and domestic sources (state aid) of financing for business development. Our Grants & Incentives team will identify the available sources and help you in obtaining the financing.

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