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Exit - plan for the future

Exit - plan for the future

Change / Exit – KPMG services for Startups

Change / Exit – KPMG services for Startups

Your startup is now a thriving company. The adventure of dynamic growth and building a business from scratch is slowly coming to an end. Now it is time to plan your next move. Do you want to remain as a CEO and actively manage your company or do you have plans to delegate your responsibilities to somebody else? Change is an inevitable part of the business and to ensure the success of your company, change has to be thought through, conscious and properly planned.

KPMG services:

Maximizing value

We will advise you on how to prepare a long-term strategy to build up the value of your business in order to maximize your benefits at the time of sale.

Succession planning

We will help you in determining the succession plan that will enable your successors to take up the management roles in the legal framework scenarios of proposed variants.

Preparing for sale

We will help you in the process of preparing the company for sale, including the completion of due diligence process, determining the value of the company, sales conditions and the possible cooperation with potential buyers. We will look for investors and help you realize a sale of your shares.

Attracting investors & selling the company / IPO

KPMG has a dedicated team of advisors who will support you in all activities associated with your exit from the company – depending on the model – through the acquisition of investors and the sale of the company, or through IPO and introduction of the company to the stock exchange.

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