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Audit Committee Institute (ACI)

Audit Committee Institute (ACI)

Communicating with Audit Committees and Boards since 1999 – in over 30 countries worldwide.

Established in 1999, KPMG's Audit Committee Institute provides information, resources, ...

Audit Committee Institute

2017 Global ACI Pulse Survey is now open!

In this survey we are taking deep look into how corporations approach environmental, society and governance (ESG) issues.

How a company manages ESG issues and connects them to financial and operational performance are increasingly seen by investors and stakeholders as indicators of how well the company is run and its long-term viability.

We invite supervisory board members and C-level management to take part in the survey.

The Survey is open till December 20th 2017.

Thank you for taking your time to complete the survey.

Take the Survey

All individual responses will remain strictly anonymous. Your answers will be used only for the collective analysis purpose and be presented in aggregated form in the final report.


For 15 years, KPMG’s Global Audit Committee Institute has been providing audit committees and board members in different countries practical insight, resources and peer exchange opportunities focused on strengthening oversight of financial reporting and audit quality, and the array of challenges facing boards and businesses today.

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Pulse Survey: A Board's-Eye View on Strategy and Risk

Pulse Survey: A Board's-Eye View on Strategy and Risk

Corporate boards are deepening their involvement in company strategy and refining their oversight of the critical risks facing the company, according to a recent global survey from KPMG.