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Report: Global Construction Survey

Report: Global Construction Survey

The report, "Building a technology advantage. Global Construction Survey 2016 "is already 10 edition carried out by KPMG International survey. In this edition we asked both investors (119 respondents) and contractors (99 engineering firms and construction), how IT technologies and Internet of Things (IoT), the use of drones and robots affects the planning and execution of construction contracts.




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Modern technologies are beginning to be used in the planning stage, mainly on the side of the contractors. But the results of our research among investors and contractors indicate that the construction sector and engineering services are not fully exploiting the potential of the Internet of things, the possibility of broad cooperation if the advantages offered by technology in improving the profitability of the investment and operation of infrastructure. Our study shows that most companies in the construction sector and engineering services do not realize the full extent of the occurring of the revolution.

We encourage you to read the latest Global Construction Survey 2016, and to a contact in matters of planning, construction, renovation and revitalization of infrastructure.

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