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Support for scientific-industrial consortia developing products and technologies (R&D)

Support for scientific-industrial consortia

The National Centre for Research and Development has announced another call for funding research and development projects leading to the development of innovative solutions – Submeasure 4.1.4 Application Projects. The total amount of funding allocated to the call is PLN 200 million.



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Support for scientific-industrial consortia developing products and technologies (R&D)

Dates of the call for proposals

The call for proposals will be open between October, 3rd and November, 2nd 2016.

Who can apply for support?

Support is available to consortia comprising of at least one scientific entity and at least one company.

Subject of support

Support will be granted for activities aimed at producing new or significantly improved technological solutions and products, e.g.:

  •  works on the use of new materials in production
  •  works to improve the properties of the product
  •  improving the production process through the use of new technology
  • R&D aimed at reducing the energy intensity of the production process.

Rules for the implementation of the project

A positive assessment of the project is dependent on the planned results of research and development being innovative on a global scale.

In addition, the results of the project should have the characteristics of disruptive innovation, i.e. have a significant impact on a market and on the economic activity of firms in that market.

The minimum amount of eligible costs is PLN 2 million.

The maximum grant amount is PLN 10 million.

Aid intensity

The maximum aid intensity for industrial research and experimental development is respectively:

  • 65 percent and 40 percent of eligible costs for large enterprises
  • 75 per cent and 50 percent of eligible costs for medium enterprises
  • 80 per cent and 60 percent of eligible costs for micro and small enterprises.

The level of aid intensity for scientific entities is up to 100 percent of eligible costs.

How can we help?

KPMG advisors from the Grants & Incentives team have extensive professional experience in providing effective advice to companies applying for grants from public funds. We would be pleased to present you with detailed information with regard to state aid procedures. We will also perform the following activities:

  • advise on how to best organize the legal and organizational framework of your activity in order to optimize fundraising possibilities
  • assist your organization in selecting scientific partners, drafting the consortium agreement and subcontracting issues
  • prepare a grant application along with other required application documents
  • monitor the application form during the evaluation procedure
  • help you to properly document the incurred costs in order to secure reimbursement and implement proper principles of keeping accounting and tax records.


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