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Private Equity in Poland. Edition 2016: Trends and Opportunities

Private Equity in Poland. Edition 2016

We are pleased to present this report on the private equity market in Poland. The report aims to show a comprehensive picture of the situation on the Polish PE market and the trends which are likely to influence its development in the coming years.



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Private Equity in Poland. Edition 2016: Trends and Opportunities

In our first report on the PE sector in Poland, released in 2010, we stated that Poland is the most attractive market for private equity funds operating in Central and Eastern Europe. The most recent macroeconomic data and statistics concerning the funds’ activity confirm that this finding continues to hold true. In 2015, the value of PE investments in Poland exceeded EUR 800 million, which - in terms of value - constituted more than half of all private equity investments in Central and Eastern Europe, with Poland holding a share of 35% in the region’s total GDP. The funds which took part in our survey mostly expressed positive opinions about the conditions on the Polish market and on its growth prospects. Nearly 70% of the surveyed funds believe that the coming years will see an increasing number of attractive targets on the Polish market and almost 50% expect the number of transactions to go up in future.

In this year’s report, we conducted an analysis which allowed us to assess the approximate size of the PE sector in Poland and its significance for the economy. Our survey incorporated nearly 180 companies which are currently in the portfolios of over 30 private equity funds. We estimate that portfolio companies in Poland employ over 100,000 people and generate annual revenues of PL 45 billion. Undoubtedly, in future years, the importance of portfolio companies will increase further as the Polish market grows more attractive for PE funds.

We would like to extend our thanks to all organisations, funds and individuals who actively participated in the survey and, as such, helped us to prepare this report. We do hope that the report will prove to be a useful source of information, giving readers a solid picture of the PE market in Poland and the opportunities it offers.

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