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Support for high-efficiency cogeneration sources and district heating/cooling systems

Support for high-efficiency cogeneration sources

The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management has announced two competitions for funding under the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment – Submeasure 1.6.1 Sources of high-efficiency cogeneration and Submeasure 1.6.2 District heating and cooling systems for high-efficiency cogeneration.



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Support for high-efficiency cogeneration sources and district heating/cooling systems


The call for proposals for funding will be conducted from 30th June to 30th September 2016.

Who can apply?

Support will be available for all types of businesses.

Subject of the grant

Under the Submeasure 1.6.1 grants will be awarded for cogeneration technology projects that involve the construction of new energy and heat production units or result in an increase in capacity of existing cogeneration units with a total rated power supply of 1 MW.

Preference will be given to the projects with the greatest CO2 reduction potential per unit of funding to enable the greatest reduction in emissions of particles into the air.

In the case of investment aid for high-efficiency cogeneration units in fuel combustion installations with a total rated thermal input, calculated in the fuel input, less than or equal to 20 MW, applicants must demonstrate that these units do not replace lower emissivity devices and that other alternatives would be less efficient and more emissive.

Under the Submeasure 1.6.2 grants will be awarded for projects that involve building heating or cooling networks (and connections), mainly for communal and living purposes, in areas with previously prepared plans for a low carbon economy. Support is foreseen for:

  • construction of heating or cooling networks (including connections) enabling the use of thermal energy generated in high-efficiency cogeneration systems,
  • utilization of heat waste produced in high-efficiency cogeneration systems within projects involving development/construction of heat distribution networks,
  • construction of heating or cooling networks that enable the use of heat generated in the high-efficiency cogeneration conditions (including heat waste, heat from the RES systems), and causing the increase in the use of heat produced in such plants.

The rate of financial support

The maximum level of funding under the Submeasure 1.6.1 is 80 per cent of the eligible costs, and for Submeasure 1.6.2 – 85 per cent.

The budget of the competitions is PLN 300 million for the Submeasure 1.6.1 and approximately PLN 65 million the for Submeasure 1.6.2.

How can we help?

KPMG advisors from the Grants & Incentives team have extensive professional experience in providing effective advice to companies considering applying for grants from public funds. We would be pleased to present to you detailed information with regard to state aid procedures. We will also perform the following activities:

  • assess your activity in view of the possibility of obtaining a grant from public funds, including selecting the most suitable sources of support for your activity,
  • advise on how to best organize the legal and organizational framework of your activity in order to optimize fundraising possibilities,
  • assist your organization with selecting scientific partners, drafting of a consortium agreement and subcontracting issues,
  • prepare a grant application along with other required application documents,
  • monitor the application form during the evaluation procedure,
  • help you to document the costs incurred properly, in order to secure reimbursement and implement proper principles of keeping accounting and tax records.

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