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Automotive Industry. Edition Q2/2016

Automotive Industry. Edition Q2/2016

The aim of this series of quarterly reports is to present current trends in the Polish automotive industry, including automotive retail, manufacturing and financial services. Analysis is based on the most recent registrations, statistical and market data and is a result of a joint endeavour by the Polish Automotive Industry Association and KPMG in Poland.



Partner, Tax, Head of Automotive Industry

KPMG in Poland


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Automotive Industry. Edition Q2/2016

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Spis treści | Contents

  • Podsumowanie | Overview
  • Gospodarka w Polsce i UE | Economy in Poland and EU
  • Rynek i przemysł motoryzacyjny w UE | Automotive retail and manufacturing in the EU
  • Otoczenie podatkowe i regulacyjne | Tax and regulatory environment
  • Rynek motoryzacyjny w Polsce | Automotive retail in Poland
    • Samochody osobowe | Passenger cars
    • Samochody dostawcze | Light commercial vehicles
    • Pojazdy ciężarowe, przyczepyi naczepy| Commercial vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers
    • Autobusy | Buses & coaches
    • Jednoślady | Powered two-wheelers
  • Motoryzacyjne usługi finansowe w Polsce | Automotive financial services in Poland
    • Leasing | Leasing
    • Kredyty | Loans
    • Ubezpieczenia | Insurance
  • Przemysł motoryzacyjny w Polsce | Automotive manufacturing in Poland
  • Wyniki produkcyjne i finansowe | Production and financial results
  • Inwestycje | Investments

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