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Reaction Magazine: 17th Edition

Reaction Magazine: 17th Edition

Reaction is published three times per year and focuses on key issues impacting the chemical and performance technology industry.



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Reaction Magazine: 17th Edition

In this edition, we bring you a focus on the US chemical industry, including what the recent fall in the oil price means for the shale boom, as well as how activist investor pressure is affecting business strategy in many companies across the industry. We also take a look at talent management, an item which seems to be one of the top three issues for many executives in the industry.


This issue’s current articles:


Gas-powered growth continues for US chemical companies


Backed by low feedstock prices from shale gas, US chemical companies are maintaining steady growth in 2015. Overcapacity might become an issue within the next few years as a new generation of plants comes online. Companies are also challenged by regulatory restraints and investor activism. Nevertheless, expanding markets, both at home and abroad, relatively cheap energy costs, a strong infrastructure and competitive product prices all suggest that the US chemical industry will continue to enjoy the competitive advantages of the ‘shale gale’ for at least the rest of the decade.


Chemical companies fighting the new war for talent


Talent is at the top of the agenda for many executives around the world and this is especially true for the chemical industry. Growing demand for skilled resources is driving the need to recruit, train, motivate and retain employees across the organization. But companies require not only the right talent but also new approaches to talent management. What worked 10 or even 5 years ago might not work today in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Forwardlooking chemical companies are launching new initiatives that focus on hiring more women and Millennials, leveraging the value of senior workers, developing cross-generational corporate cultures, using data analytics to improve talent management, investing more in specialized training and supporting local talent in emerging markets.


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