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26th Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój

Economic Forum is a three-day debate regarding the development of financial sector and the future of European economy.

6 Sep. 16 - 8 Sep. 16, 2:00PM - 6:00PM, CET

The 26th Economic Forum will be held on 6-8 September 2016. KPMG in Poland is once again partner of the event. The event will take place in Krynica Zdrój. Economic Forum is a three-day debate regarding the development of financial sector and the future of European economy.

The panelists will include Mirosław Proppe, Przemysław Kamil Rosiak and Kiejstut Żagun.

1. Electrification 2.0 | Semptember 6, 2016 |17:25-18:25

Miroslaw Proppe (Partner - KPMG in Poland - Poland)

• Jaroslaw Broda (Vice-President of the Management Board for Asset Management and Development - Tauron Polish Energy SA - Poland)
• Michal Latacz (Founder and CEO - NOA Sp. z o.o. - Poland)
• Jozef Neterowicz (Expert on Renewable Energy - Association of Polish Counties - Poland)
• Andrzej Piotrowski (Undersecretary of State - Ministry of Energy - Poland)
• Witold Smialek (Advisor to the Mayor - Krakow City Council - Poland)

About the panel
According to an OECD report, among the 50 most air-polluted cities in Europe, 25 are located in Poland. Low emission from individual heaters and car pollution are main sources for low quality air. How can this issue be addressed? Can the use of electric power as a source of heat and drive become a reasonable alternative? How can the cooperation of local governments, the energy industry and inventors induce the next wave of electrification of Poland? During the panel, among other matters, case studies concerning the electrification of transport in the city will be discussed.


2. The Post-Brexit Future of Foreign Direct Investment in Central and Eastern Europe | September 7 | 12:05 – 13:05

• Andrew Wrobel (Editor-in-Chief - Emerging Europe - United Kingdom)

• Katharina Arnold (Senior Manager Foreign Direct Investment - Conway Advisory GmbH - Germany)
• Mykhailo Dovbenko (First Deputy Head of the Committee on Financial Policy - Supreme Council - Ukraine)
• Kerry Hallard (Chief Executive Officer - National Outsourcing Association - United Kingdom)
• Robert Juodka (Managing Partner, Attorney at law - PRIMUS Attorneys at law - Lithuania)
• Przemysław Kamil Rosiak (Partner Associate - KPMG in Poland - Poland)
• Goran Mickovski (Minister for Foreign Investments - Government - Macedonia)
• Aleksandr Yarashenka (Deputy Minister - Ministry of Economy - Belarus)

About the panel
At the turn of the 21st century and before, numerous multinational companies made decisions to invest in or relocate to Central and Eastern Europe. With the global financial crisis of 2008-2009 the CEE countries suffered as a result of heightened risk aversion on the part of international investors towards the CEE region. The result of the EU referendum in the UK plunged Europe into global economic instability and uncertainty again. Will foreign direct investment in the CEE region suffer again?


3. Investments and Innovations as a Pillar of the Economic Development of Regions | September 8 | 14:25 – 15:25

Grzegorz Lipiec (Member of the Board - Malopolska Region - Poland)

• Stepan Barna (Head - Ternopil Regional State Administration - Ukraine)
• Maria-Luisa Delgado-Medina (Deputy Director General for Promotion of Competitiveness - Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness - Spain)
• Witold Stepien (Marshal - Lodz Region’s Marshal’s Office - Poland)
• Grzegorz Wolszczak (Operations Officer - The World Bank - Poland)
• Kiejstut Zagun (Director - KPMG in Poland - Poland)

About the panel
Investments form the basis of the economy of countries and regions. Investments form the basis of the economy of countries and regions. In the next five years, more than EUR 16 for billion from national and regional programmes will be assigned to investments in innovation and support for the development of Polish regions. This is possible thanks to the collaboration of central governments, local authorities and business ventures. How do European regions gain investors and implement innovations?


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Day 1:
• Inauguration with a Plenary Session,
• Panel discussions,
• Thematic Blocks,
• Concert, Economic Forum Awards Ceremony

Day 2:
• Plenary Sessions,
• Panel discussions,
• Thematic Blocks

Day 3:
• Plenary Sessions,
• Panel discussions,
• Thematic Blocks,
• Recreational Events,
• Closing Ceremony

Speakers Guide

• Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies
• Economic Forum Program Council
• Partners of the Economic Forum


Organizational outline:
• Six Plenary Sessions;
• More than 180 panel discussions, lectures of the personalities of the public sphere, workshops and round table discussions;
• National and regional presentations;
• Cultural program: literature evenings, presentation of movies, concerts, evening cocktails organised by the Economic Forum partners;
• Wide variety of recreational events
As in the previous years, the Awards of the Economic Forum will be handed out in the following categories:
• Man of the Year 2015 of Central and Eastern Europe;
• Company of the Year 2015 of Central and Eastern Europe;
• New Culture of New Europe;


Guests of the Forum:
3 000 invitees from Europe, Asia, USA and Middle East countries;
The base for the 2016 Economic Forum program will be groups of topics discussed during the 26th edition:
• Macroeconomics
• Business and Management
• International Politics
• International Security
• Forum of Regions
• NGO Forum and Society
• Energy Forum
• Innovations and Sustainable Development
• The European Union and its Neighbours
• New Economy
• State and Reforms
• Health Care Forum