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KPMG Ambassadors

Get involved and become a KPMG Ambassador.

Get involved and become a KPMG Ambassador.

KPMG Ambassadors is a prestigious program targeting students that provides an opportunity to learn more about the specifics of working in the audit and advisory industry – and a gateway to future KPMG employment.

Designed as a one-year internship programs, it targets second- and third-year students of B.A. or M.A. (undergraduate and graduate) studies. The KPMG Ambassadors program is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the specifics of working in our firm, and a great adventure as well.


Who can apply to join the KPMG ambassadors program?

The program is open to second- and third-year bachelor or master’s students in economics, law, management, finance, banking, insurance or technical fields who are interested in joining an audit and/or advisory entity in the near future.

The KPMG Ambassadors program welcomes applications from people studying in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Katowice, Gdansk, Lodz, Lublin, and Torun. The next edition of the program planned for the academic year 2016/2017 will also be open to students of universities in Olsztyn, Bialystok, Szczecin, and Rzeszoów.

Furthermore, if you are a student organization or academic association member, fluent in English, well-motivated, a good organizer, and willing to accept new challenges, apply to join the KPMG Ambassadors program today!

What benefits does a KPMG ambassador enjoy?

Apart from an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to turn ideas into reality, all KPMG Ambassadors are guaranteed the following:

  • An Ambassador’s stipend, payable monthly for the entire duration of the program,
  • A voucher for a holiday abroad for the most active Ambassador and a plus one, to be used once the program is over,
  • A welcome pack, including an iPad – the Ambassador's work tool for the entire duration of the program,
  • A KPMG Ambassador’s ID with a set of business cards,
  • Public transportation monthly pass payment (for the Ambassador’s university town) for the entire duration of the program,
  • Integration trips and professional training,
  • Attractive bonus gifts for the most active Ambassadors,
  • KPMG Ambassadors program participation certificate,
  • Direct contact with the firm’s employers and an opportunity to see KPMG from behind the scenes,
  • Opportunity to gain project management experience and to form a business contact network based on KPMG’s broad cooperation with academia.

What are the program recruitment procedures?

The program recruitment procedure comprises three stages:

Stage One: Fill in the application form under the APPLY option.

Enclose your current CV with the application form. Remember: your CV should list all student organizations you are member of.

We will select the best candidates based on the information contained in application forms and CVs submitted, and invite them to the next recruitment stage.

Stage Two: online English language test.

We will select the best candidates based on the English test results and invite them to join recruitment Stage Three.

Stage Three: Telephone interview.

We will select top candidates based on telephone interview results and invite them to join the KPMG Ambassadors program.

The program requires all participants to attend the first two-day Ambassadors’ meeting planned for 18-19 June 2016.

Download: Rules of the KPMG Ambassadors Program, edition 2015/2016 (PDF, 1489 KB)

Have any questions about the KPMG Ambassadors program? Email us.

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