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KPMG Internships

Internships with KPMG are the first step to professional development.

Internships with KPMG are the first step to professional development.

Recruitment for general audit and banking and financial institution audit opens in early March and closes in late July. Internships commence in October and close in late March – interns sign a six-month contract. Experience proves that once the internship period is over, the majority of our interns are offered employment in assistant positions. Furthermore, the banking and financial institutions audit division offers two-month summertime internships, July to late August.

While internships with the tax and business advisory divisions are planned for three months, we do not preclude the option of one- and two-month contracts. The recruitment period largely depends on the business needs of the tTax division, and on the availability of potential candidates.

Business needs also determine recruitment to bookkeeping and legal services. All people with a command of English and a flair for accounting and bookkeeping are welcome to apply for a position in bookkeeping. Our legal office has branches in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, and Lodz. While they usually employ lawyers and legal counsellors, students and graduates can find jobs as interns or assistants.

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