Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility

KPMG in Poland participates in significant market projects that promote Corporate Social Responsibility.

KPMG in Poland participates in projects that promote Corporate Social Responsibility.

KPMG in Poland KPMG in Poland promotes Corporate Social Responsibility through collaborating with dedicated organizations, such as the Responsible Business Forum. We systematically share our experience in publications on Corporate Social Responsibility.

We are a Strategic Partner of the Responsible Business Forum

KPMG is a Strategic Partner of the Responsible Business Forum, the oldest and largest NGO in Poland that advocates for responsible business practices taking into account the impact of business on the natural and social environment. The Responsible Business Forum’s mission is to promote the idea of responsible business as a standard applicable in Poland with the aim of enhancing corporate competitiveness, social wellbeing and the condition of the environment.

We are signatories of the Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter is a written declaration signed by the employer, who commits to ban discrimination in the workplace and take action to create and promote diversity, and who expresses the organization’s willingness to engage all its employees and business partners in those activities.

By becoming a signatory to the charter, KPMG has committed to apply the policy of equal treatment and diversity management in the company.


United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) is a voluntary document addressed to companies engaged in adjusting their operations and strategy to the ten principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption. As a signatory, KPMG International is required to present its annual Communication on Progress report (COP) to the UNGC, which describes how KPMG implements the principles of the Global Compact. The report underscores that the professionalism, experience and the values the KPMG member firms subscribe to impact the dissemination of ethical and socially responsible behavior.

KPMG International has been a signatory of the UNGC declaration since 2002.


We participate in preparing CSR related publications:

  • Responsible Business in Poland. Best Practices, a report prepared by the Responsible Business Forum;
  • Responsible Business Declaration, drafted as part of the proceedings of the CSR Committee at the French Polish Chamber of Commerce;
  • Best Practice Guidelines, drafted as part of the proceedings of the CSR Committee at the French Polish Chamber of Commerce.

Please read the CSR-related publications prepared by KPMG Poland:

  • Developing Human and Social Capital, 2015;
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Facts vs. Opinions, 2014;
  • How Working Poles Use Paper, 2013;
  • The Use of Paper by Enterprises Operating in Poland, 2012.


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