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HR Transformation Survey 2017 (Pakistan)

HRT Survey

Now in its 19th year the HR Transformation Survey, formerly known as the Tower Watson Survey, provides key HR insights and benchmarking data

Gear yourself with the latest developments and insights in HR across Pakistan

Firms need to ask themselves searching questions that will demand honest answers if real progress is to be made.What is the best target operating model to execute the’people’ agenda? What is the transformation strategy? How do people drive competitive advantage in our business? What is HR’s role in driving competitive advantage? How will we exploit workforce analytics? What new skills and capabilities will be needed in HR? How will they be acquired and integrated? What will the redefined role of employees and managers look like? How will success be measured? Answers to these questions and many others will be crucial to reshaping HR for the future.

After a very successful conclusion of our global HR Transformation survey with more than 800 companies participating from over 50 countries and 15 key sectors, we have released a survey specifically for Pakistan to help you capture vital insights into how the HR landscape is changing and help you answer the critical questions needed to make a case for change. 

Our survey for the year 2017 has now been concluded; thank you all very much for your input, support and continued partnership to make this survey a success. You are welcome to raise your queries with respect to the survey by sending us an email at

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