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Belgium-Holland Desk

Update on various cross-border topics, both on legal and tax issues

13 October 2016, 9:00AM - 2:00PM, CET


In a number of workshops, the specialists of Meijburg & Co Tax Consultants (the Netherlands) and KPMG Accountants and KPMG Tax and Legal Advisers (Belgium) will cover diverse cross-border fiscal topics in the areas of corporate tax, income tax and employment.

Please find more information about the workshops below.

  • Employment across the border (parts 1 & 2): Does working across the border result in a net advantage? Based on a number of case examples, we will bring certain points of interest to your attention for both employer and employee in the areas of wage and income tax and social security. The following subjects will be covered: Income tax and the social security position of the employee, the withholding obligations of the employer, the application of the 30% reimbursement arrangement and dismissal-related remunerations.
  • Transfer pricing – new documentation requirements: Over the last few months, the developments surrounding transfer pricing (TP) did not stop when you consider, for example, the implementation of the new TP documentation requirements in Belgium and the Netherlands as of January 1, 2016. This has a considerable impact on many organizations and that is why our TP specialists will go into further detail on this material and will discuss the practical consequences of these changes to your organization.
  • Structuring and actual developments in the Netherlands and Belgium: If your company is active across the border, how can you organize this in the best possible way as seen from a fiscal point of view? We will discuss the possibilities in creating savings on your corporate taxes and how to optimally make use of the tax deductions and exemptions from (withholding) taxes. We will also take a moment to discuss the recent Dutch and Belgian developments in the area of corporate tax as a result of, among others, the developments at a global and European law level, including the proposed adjustments of the innovation/patent box, adjustments to the interest deduction and the announced reformation of corporate tax in Belgium. The possibilities for Dutch companies in the specialized property fund in Belgium will also be covered.
  • Estate planning: Saving on inheritance tax by transferring your assets to the next generation while you are still alive? We would like to inform you of all the fiscal opportunities and impossibilities in a Dutch-Belgian context, taking into account taxation in both countries. As seen from a Flemish perspective, the viewpoints of the Flemish tax authority with regards to tolerances concerning gift and inheritance tax are worth mentioning. A whole range of questions will be covered, including: can one still give movable property before a Dutch notary, and is giving subject to usufruct still possible?
  • Update on Cayman tax and implementation of the UBO register: Do you reside in Belgium and do you have a trust or investment company in a tax haven? If so, since 2015 you will most likely have to pay the Cayman tax on the revenues of this vehicle. We will discuss with you, among others, which constructions will be affected and whether 'double' or 'layered' structures will also be taxed. We will also cover the implementation of the UBO register in all EU countries in 2017 whereby legal entities must include who the ultimate beneficial owners (UBO) are. An individual is a UBO if they have 25% stake or more in an active enterprise or if they have a 10% stake or more in a passive enterprise, such as an investment firm. As a result, the privacy of wealthy private individuals and entrepreneurs is greatly endangered. We will discuss the options you have to avoid the register.


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09:30 – 09:35 Opening and welcome speech

09:35 – 10:35 Workshops

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11:00 – 12:00 Workshops

12:00 – 13:00 Lunch and opportunity to ask questions



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