Financial statement audits give assurance over information used by investors and the capital markets.

Independent, quality financial statement audits.

Independent, quality financial statement audits

An independent audit is the foundation for decision-making in today’s capital markets. The overarching objective of the Audit practice of KPMG in the Philippines is to enhance the reliability and clarity of information that is intended for use by investors and other stakeholders while complying with all applicable statutory regulations and the highest professional standards. The methodology employed by our audit professionals, the KPMG Audit Methodology (KAM), facilitates and enhances audit quality by focusing on:

  • delivering independent, rigorous audits
  • meeting appllicable local and international accounting standards
  • providing a basis for a consistent risk-based audit approach.

Our audit professionals are especially alert to key areas of risk, based on a company’s operational characteristics and performance profile, and we look closely at all aspects of financial reporting to better isolate risk. Financial reports alone do not adequately communicate business opportunities or risks. Therefore, we offer assurance and attestation services that can help your organization define, capture, and report both financial and non-financial information.

We also provide independent assurance to the reliability or validity of information relating to products, services or activities. This helps safeguard reputations, build trust among stakeholders, and improve corporate performance.

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