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A roadmap for successful HR transformation

A roadmap for successful HR transformation

The disruptors, the movers and the bold


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As technology dramatically rewrites the rules for success in business, it should be clear by now that the traditional HR function must be reimagined for the 21st century. Yet KPMG’s new global survey – HR Transformation: Which lens are you using? – reveals distinct perspectives on the inevitable need to transform the HR function. 

‘Enlightened’ organizations boldly pursuing strategic change are wisely positioned to be among the disruptors rather than the disrupted, forging modern HR functions that contribute critical new insights and business value. ‘Unenlightened’ organizations stuck on the path of least resistance, meanwhile, are on a risky trajectory as they fall behind on cloud technology, new skills, intelligent automation, data and analytics, and much more. The choice is clear for all to see: Drive change or be changed.

For further insights on this year’s HR Transformation Survey click here.

HR Transformation

Which lens are you using?

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