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The current adoption of Continuous Auditing(CA) and Continuous Monitoring(CM)

The current adoption of Continuous Auditing(CA) ...

Although it is becoming increasingly important that companies have better insight into their business processes at any given moment, allowing them to adapt to changes in the environment, legislation and their organization, only a limited number of companies are capable of adequately addressing and providing insight into key risks.


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This is shown by KPMG’s recent international research performed amongst seven hundred organization’s in the EMA region. Although a majority of the companies acknowledge the necessity of being able to quickly identify when control measures fail, only 9% of companies have introduced any form of Continuous Auditing and Continuous Monitoring (CA/CM).

In this report:

  •  Introduction 
  • Executive Summary 
  • About the survey 
  • Are the potential benefits of CA/CM well understood? 
  • Which processes benefit most from CA/CM? 
  • Who are the initiators and beneficiaries? 
  • Current and future state of adoption 
  • Barriers to adoption 
  • Past and future investments 
  • Do technology and tooling provide adequate support?  

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