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IFRS Insurance Newsletters

IFRS Insurance Newsletters

Our IFRS newsletters provide regular updates on IFRS matters.


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IFRS Newsletter: Insurance

This newsletter provides a summary of the IASB’s most recent discussions on the insurance project.

You may also be interested in our special feature, IFRS 4 – Insurance amendments, which gives you KPMG's insights on the IASB's proposed amendments to IFRS 4 Insurance Contracts.

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IFRS Newsletter: Insurance

Issue 52 – Direction set for IFRS 4 amendments

IFRS Newsletter: Insurance – issue 52 | March 2016

IFRS Newsletter: Insurance – issue 51 | January 2016

IFRS Newsletter: Insurance – issue 50 | November 2015

IFRS Newsletter: Insurance – issue 49 | October 2015

IFRS Newsletter: Insurance – issue 48 | September 2015


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