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KPMG's Infrastructure practice knows what it takes to make the right strategic choices.

KPMG's Infrastructure practice knows what it takes.

Infrastructure is one of the key enablers of both productivity and better social outcomes and, therefore underpins New Zealand’s prosperity. The demands of infrastructure projects have implications for all layers of government, as well as for financiers, investors and various public and private-sector enterprises. Well-designed public infrastructure projects can be a catalyst for innovation, leading to more efficient and effective service delivery and even driving better outcomes for users.

KPMG's infrastructure professionals are involved in many exciting projects across the world, in various sectors and stages of the infrastructure lifecycle. Our team of professionals advise on designing, executing and managing major infrastructure projects and transactions. We have participated in many of New Zealand’s largest and most complex government infrastructure projects and public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Our capabilities cover all key sectors, including energy and natural resources, telecommunications and transport. In New Zealand, we are also a market leader on social infrastructure projects such as schools and social housing. Our team includes Financing, Tax, Accounting, Better Business Case and Major Project Advisory professionals.

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