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KPMG offers a global network of professionals with deep industry knowledge and hands-on experience in municipal government.

KPMG offers a global network of professionals with deep industry knowledge and hands-on...

In 1900, only 13 percent of people lived in urban areas. Today, cities account for more than half the global population and this figure is expected to increase to 70 percent by 2050. In the face of rapid urbanization, KPMG professionals work with city leaders to help create more livable, sustainable and productive cities.

KPMG’s global Cities practice brings together subject matter experts and highly experienced professionals from around the world to share best practices, knowledge and experience in municipal government. Our mission is to help member firms advise and support the sustainable development of cities and the effective provision of city services.

The global Cities practice enables member firms to offer a broad suite of services to clients, drawing upon the experience of subject matter experts to provide the advice needed to address a city’s challenges. Member firm professionals have access to, and work across a broad range of sub-sectors within KPMG’s Global Government & Public Sector practice, including human and social services and justice and security, and other industries such as infrastructure and healthcare.

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