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Richard Campbell

Director - Enterprise

KPMG in New Zealand

Richard is a Director in KPMG’s Enterprise team, joining the firm in 2013. Richard works with fast growing private companies to help them grow their businesses sustainably through better strategy execution, use of assets, technology and preparation for securing investment. Richard has 10 years of management consulting and investment experience in a number of different markets including the UK, China, Australia, and New Zealand. Prior to joining KPMG Richard was part of the Corporate Strategy team at Insurance Australia Group (IAG) where he worked on a range of strategic projects in both New Zealand and Australia. Richard’s specific areas of expertise include strategy development, strategic modelling, decision analysis, workshop facilitation, innovation assessment and monitoring of strategy execution. At KPMG Richard has been part of the team responsible for the ongoing development and delivery of KPMG's Enterprise DNA programme, the programme is based on 8 traits that high performing businesses share. Over the course of the programme KPMG teams work with you to help build these traits into your business in order to enable higher performance.

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