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KPMG lawyers ranks in Women in Tax Leaders 2017

KPMG lawyers ranks in Women in Tax Leaders 2017

We are proud to announce that Tonje Christin Norrvall and Cathrine Bjerke Dalheim once again ranks on the International Tax Review's list of Women in Tax 2017 – which makes KPMG Law the only company with two listed lawyers.


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Women in Tax Leaders

International Tax Review (ITR) has published the 2017-edition of Women in Tax Leaders –  a guide on the world's best female lawyers. Once again KPMG Law shows off having some of the leading lawyers in the industry by contributing to the list with these two lawyers:

  • Tonje Christin Norrvall
  • Cathrine Bjerke Dalheim

Norrvall and Dalheim also made the list earlier in the last years- and 2015-edition of the guide. Every year ITR issues an overview of the industry's leading lawyers. The recognition is based on nominations from customers and lawyers in other law firms who believe the candidate have shown outstanding efforts in their field.


Tonje Christin Norrvall, partner and lawyer
+47 4063 9223

Cathrine Bjerke Dalheim, partner and lawyer
+47 4063 9055

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