KPMG is now an accredited inspection body on ISO 27001

KPMG is now an accredited inspection body on ISO 27001

The Finnish Accreditation Service (FINAS) have granted KPMG Finland status as an accredited inspection body. This gives KPMG the possibility to issue ISO 27001 certifications and accreditations to companies in all Nordic countries.


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In practice, the accreditation means that KPMG can verify an organization’s information security management and practices, and grant them the information security management certification (ISO 27001) if the requirements of the standard are met. This certification allows organizations to more easily demonstrate that they implement proper information security processes, helping reduce the extent and duration of audits.

  • This accreditation further expands KPMG’s service offerings related to cyber security.
  • Through KPMG, customers have a «one stop shop» for ISAE-Assurance statements, ISO 27001 certifications, as well as, where appropriate, official national confirmity and compliance assessments (varying by country).

If you are looking to get your organization ISO 27001 certified, please contact Andrea De Capitani (

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