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Enterprise Data Management - Data Lineage

Enterprise Data Management - Data Lineage

Data Lineage has been a hot topic in data management for a while now. This is especially true in the financial sector. Regulatory and supervisory authorities no longer rely on reports that banks and insurers provide on their financial and risk positions. They also want to be able to have a look ‘under the bonnet’: they want to be assured that the data used to generate these reports is “as complete, appropriate, and accurate as possible”, in the language of the Solvency II standards for data quality. Data lineage offers this look under the bonnet.

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Data lineage

Data lineage was the topic for the sixth in a series of roundtable discussions on themes in enterprise data management. KPMG together with ASG Technologies hosted a meeting with participants from both the financial and a range of other sectors. The guest speakers were Werner Zuurbier, manager IT Strategy at Univé, and Frank Berkvens and Rudolf Kunkel from ASG.


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