Cyber security must be put front and center |

Transforming companies must put cyber security front and center

Cyber security must be put front and center

When it comes to cyber security, far too many executives are missing the ‘big picture.’ It’s a blind spot that threatens to cost their companies billions.

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In KPMG’s 2016 Global CEO Outlook survey, cyber security was the top risk named by global CEOs this year, up from the fifth-highest ranking last year. Despite this level of awareness and concern, 72 percent of CEOs say their companies are not fully prepared for a cyber event.

Companies are hungry for growth. CEOs have told us they’re prioritizing innovation at a strategic level. Yet, organizations continue to underinvest in cyber security and this under-preparedness is one of the top barriers to innovation.

In an increasingly connected and fast-paced business environment, leadership teams must look at every major business decision through the cyber security lens. They need to ensure that they have people in all parts of the organization who understand cyber issues. And they need to talk about and plan for these issues up front, so they can understand where the business is going, plan for that change and build a more adaptive, agile cyber security strategy that aligns more closely to the business to help set the stage for security, innovation and growth.

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