IFRS Tax Accounting Seminar: Update and Developments |
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KPMG 2018 IFRS tax accounting seminar

Update on the recent developments in both IFRS and tax.

01-11-2018 - 14-11-2018, 2.00 - 7.00, CET

In November KPMG will be hosting a number of seminars to update you on the recent developments in both IFRS and tax, these developments place accounting for income taxes high on the agenda.

With IFRIC 23 ‘’Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments’’ and IFRS 16 ‘’Leases’’ becoming effective as of
1 January 2019, now it is time to understand the tax accounting implications. Our specialist Arthur Plantfeber and Amit Sital will present the key recent tax accounting developments and will illustrate these with practical examples.


  • 14.00 Registration
  • 14.30 Welcome and introduction
  • 14.35 Topics:
    - IFRIC 23 – Uncertainty over Income Tax Treatments
    - Tax accounting implications of interest and penalties
    - Tax accounting implications of Dutch corporate income tax developments
    - Tax Accounting implications of IFRS 15 and 16
  • 17.00 Drinks

Dates and locations

  • 1 November, Van der Valk Hotel – Nootdorp (language: Dutch)
  • 13 November, KPMG Office – Amstelveen (language: English)
  • 14 November, KPMG Office – Eindhoven (language: Dutch)

PE – credits 
Participants can earn PE credits as governed by the PE scheme of the competent professional organisation (the Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants, NBA). Attendance is valued with 2 PE credits.

You can register for one of these seminars by using this link.

Further information
If you have any questions about the content please contact Arthur Plantfeber, (020) 656 4614 or by email.
For general information please contact Angela Blokland (020) 656 8652 or by email.


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