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Hello. I am a partner at KPMG Advisory in The Netherlands. Besides serving multinational clients in telecom, retail, banking and consumer goods, I lead our firm's national innovation program.

For me, innovation is about investing for sustainable growth by developing new technology-driven solutions that add value to our clients. Many of these new solutions are built on new techniques for the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data. Our data scientists work together with clients to transform raw data into business insights - improving productivity, boosting sales, raising customer satisfaction, reducing working capital, increasing efficiency or identifying and eliminating anomalies in their business processes.

I believe that startups are a rich source of innovation, not only for the economy as a whole, but also for individual companies. Our Innovative Startups team connects with the startup ecosystem, working together with startups to create new solutions, partnering with accelerators and incubators such as Rockstart, YES!Delft and Holland Fintech, and connecting startups to our corporate clients for their mutual benefit.

Because successful innovation needs fertile ground, we have devised a culture change program, offering crash courses in creativity and storytelling, working with artists, running an innovation contest, experimenting with new forms of innovation and collaboration, and most of all, promoting an environment where professionals feel free to experiment and try new things together with our clients. All this is done on a low-cost, high impact basis.


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