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Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation

The most efficient, accurate and affordable way to process invoices

The most efficient, accurate and affordable way to process invoices

Booking invoices is always a painstaking job. It’s often done manually which makes it time-consuming, expensive, inefficient and susceptible to error. In today’s world however, there’s a better way. KPMG and InvoiceSharing offer a platform for exchanging e-invoices that includes an intelligent accounting robot for automatic invoice processing. The solution works perfectly and connects seamlessly with existing financial systems.

Using Invoice Automation makes the exchange of invoices between debtors and creditors much more efficient. Even if the parties involved use different accounting packages or invoicing platforms. Because the software connects all these different software solutions and supports a variety of file formats.

The platform’s strength is the Accounting Robot. This intelligent robot processes your invoices automatically in terms of general ledger and cost entries. In addition, invoices are always processed according to the correct code in the accounts.

Thanks to Invoice Automation, processing invoices will never be the same again. It will become faster and more accurate. More than that: results are already showing that organizations are saving an average of 50% on their costs thanks to the accounting robot.

Hoe will your organization benefit from Invoice Automation?

  • The most efficient way to exchange invoices.
  • Invoices will be booked more quickly and accurately than previously.
  • Cost reduction due to advanced automation.
  • Fast approval of invoices by application.
  • Payment per invoice.

KPMG works in collaboration with InvoiceSharing; InvoiceSharing's solutions are not available for KPMG Audit Control clients.

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