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Make your corporate culture measurable!

Make your corporate culture measurable!

A company’s success depends partly on how management teams take decisions. Decisions are taken on the basis of company-specific habits, customs, insights, managers’ beliefs, history, etc. – in other words: the company culture. Culture comprises the soft side of a company which means it is difficult to grasp, influence and alter. Until now, that is, because Culture Factory makes these aspects measurable.

Culture Factory is a suite of software solutions which provide insight into a company’s corporate culture, the corporate culture’s challenges in terms of company strategy and how to overcome these dilemmas using the correct and appropriate culture and leadership style.

Culture Factory offers a unique vision of leadership: integral leadership. This vision focuses on both hard and soft controls and is based on the groundbreaking work of Fons Trompenaars, a global Top-50 thinker. The solution is based on a cultural model consisting of seven dimensions (‘Culture made measurable’). In addition a methodology has also been developed that identifies challenges and dilemmas that emerge when culture and strategy are linked together. Through Culture Factory, KPMG even goes a step further by enabling customers to overcomes these dilemmas using the DRP tool (Dilemma Reconciliation Program). Using this online tool a team (from 2 to 1,000 participants) can interact to solve dilemmas structurally. The solution includes a large database of real-world dilemmas that companies are likely to encounter.

Culture Factory’s various solutions provide the organization, leaders, teams and individual employees insight into their own unique working methods. Special emphasis is given to zooming in on decision-making and what specific dilemmas this tends to evoke. These results enable organizations to implement so-called ‘soft controls’ even more effectively. Moreover, diverse opinions and visions can be more effectively connected in order to transform them into a (competitive) advantage for the company.

Example: Culture for Business App

Using this app leaders, managers, employees, etc., can create their own cultural profile and compare it with the company culture, the national culture and any other culture from any other country. This app also indicates potential dilemmas that users will have to deal with in their own specific circumstances. Users then receive tips for addressing these differences.

How can your organization benefit from Culture Factory?

  • Maps your organization’s dilemmas
  • Presents potential solutions
  • Teaches your managers to implement soft controls more effectively
  • Provides more knowledge, leading to competitive advantage

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