Intelligence Engines

Intelligence Engines

Driving continuous insights and performance through technology

Driving continuous insights and performance through technology

Competitive edge

New technologies combined with our deep industry expertise provide unprecedented opportunities. Our meticulously crafted engines combine years of accumulated knowledge with hands on tools. They enable you to address challenges with an extra layer of intelligence and cast light on the actions you can take right now. The result? A clear path forward.


Richard Wagenmakers, Partner

Daniël Horn, Manager

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KPMG's new digital platform

KPMG International has created a state of the art digital platform that enhances your experience, optimized to discover new and related content.

Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory

Award winning idea management software enabling organizations to share, enrich and grow ideas collectively.

Real-time analytics platform providing continuous insight in core business processes to grasp opportunities and identify issues.

A clear path forward.


Questionnaire platform delivering insight in workflows, organizational risk & compliance and performance.

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Invoice sharing

Accounting robotics enabling all invoices to be put into your ERP system automatically and correctly.

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Dynamics for membership

The comprehensive marketing and management solution for membership organizations, based on Microsoft Dynamics.

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Tax intelligence solutions

Tax intelligence supporting VAT compliance and identification of potential cash savings.

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