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Albert Röell resigns as chairman of the Board of Management of KPMG N.V.

Albert Röell resigns as chairman of the Board of KPMG

Albert Röell, chairman of the Board of Management of KPMG N.V., has decided to resign from his position effective December 1, 2017.



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He reached the decision in amicable consultation with the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management. Röell will transfer his duties and will then be associated with KPMG NV as advisor until November 1, 2018.

Albert Röell: "We have achieved a great deal at KPMG in the past two years. We have resolved several old issues from the past and KPMG is back on the path to growth. In spite these good results, we have jointly concluded that the cooperation is not optimal. This has made me decide to accept my responsibility and to make room for a successor. I can do this knowing that KPMG is now in much better shape than when I joined the company. I have considered it an honor to have had the opportunity to contribute to the future of this outstanding company."

Bernard Wientjes, Chairman of the Supervisory Board: "We have a great deal of respect for Albert’s decision, in which he has put the interests of the organization first. His contribution to regaining social trust and strengthening the connection with customers and employees deserves our appreciation and gratitude. We will be happy to use him as an advisor in the coming year."

The supervisory board will now initiate a process to find a successor for Albert Röell, on the basis that the chairman of the board of management will come from outside the organization. 

Rob Fijneman, member of the board of management and Head of Advisory, will act as interim chairman.

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