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KPMG settles head office construction case

KPMG settles head office construction case

The Dutch Public Prosecutor’s office (PPO) today announced a transaction with KPMG-gebouw Amstelveen II B.V. The transaction pertains to allegations made by the PPO relating to the development and new-build construction of the KPMG head office in Amstelveen. KPMG-gebouw Amstelveen II B.V. is paying EUR 8 million in this transaction.



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 KPMG settles head office construction case

The transaction relates to the joint venture KPMG-gebouw Amstelveen II B.V. This development company was responsible for the development and construction of the head office in the period 2004-2010. KPMG is one of the two joint venture partners.

Chairman of the Board of Management Albert Röell says: "By entering this transaction, KPMG-gebouw Amstelveen II B.V. and the broader KPMG organization are accepting their responsibility. We deeply regret that the course of events surrounding the development of the new build project raised doubts about the actions of KPMG-gebouw Amstelveen II B.V. in this project."

In 2015, KPMG-gebouw Amstelveen II B.V. paid the tax assessments from the Dutch Tax authorities in full. "Accepting the transaction offer from the Public Prosecutor’s Office will allow this company and the broader KPMG organization to put this issue behind us. The allegations made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the size of this transaction are painful for us. We hope this transaction will enable us to turn over this page from the past, so we can continue to focus on the future," says Röell.

The Dutch version of this press release can be found here.

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