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IFRS compared to Dutch GAAP

IFRS compared to Dutch GAAP

An overview


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IFRS compared to Dutch GAAP

We hope that this publication will support you to obtain or enhance a clear understanding of main differences and similarities between IFRS and Dutch GAAP. Like our previous comparison (2014), we trust this publication will be appreciated by stakeholders of financial reporting in the Netherlands and abroad. We believe that the publication IFRS compared to Dutch GAAP: An overview is relevant and is an example of our promise and commitment to add value and provide transparency on the requirements for financial reporting.

Upcoming new IFRSs

In this new edition we have included upcoming new IFRSs on Financial instruments (IFRS 9), Revenue from contracts with customers (IFRS 15) and Leases (IFRS 16). These new accounting standards will lead to significant changes in financial accounting and reporting under IFRS. Besides a change in accounting, companies are facing significant challenges for a smooth and timely implementation of these standards. As a result the number of differences between IFRS and Dutch GAAP continues to increase.

This development makes an updated comparison between IFRS and Dutch GAAP even more relevant and valuable; not only for users of financial information, but also for companies considering adopting IFRS or Dutch GAAP in their financial statements.

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