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Are you ready for IFRS 16 leases?

Are you ready for IFRS 16 leases?

IFRS 16 takes effect in 2019. The larger the lease portfolio, the greater the impact on reporting metrics and accounting.

A more transparent balance sheet; the larger the lease portfolio, the greater the impact

A more transparent balance sheet

The new leases standard – IFRS 16 – will require companies to bring most leases on-balance sheet from 2019. Under the new standard, companies will recognise new assets and liabilities, bringing added transparency to the balance sheet. At present, many analysts adjust financial statements to reflect lease transactions that companies hold off-balance sheet. For the first time, analysts will be able to see a company’s own assessment of its lease liabilities, calculated using a prescribed methodology that all companies reporting under IFRS will be required to follow.

All companies will need to assess the extent of the standard’s impacts so that they can address the wider business implications – and can expect analysts to take a close interest. Areas of focus may include:

  • the effect of the standard on financial results;
  • the costs of implementation; 
  • any proposed changes to business practices.

Would you like to be ready for IFRS 16 in 2019? Use the resources below to get started or contact us for more information.

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Comply with IFRS 16

Gain insight into your entire lease portfolio with the KPMG Leasing Solution


Get an overview of how IFRS 16 will affect financial statements. You will gain answers to many questions such as what is the definition of lease according to IFRS 16? And how to select the best lease strategy?


On-demand webinar

Get insight on the technical aspects of IFRS 16 and how your company can address the potential changes. This webinar will also show you how several companies are already preparing for the change.

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10 questions

Planning an IFRS 16 implementation project takes time and care. You can make a start by asking yourself 10 quick questions. They will help you get a feel for the scale of the challenge ahead.

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KPMG Leasing Solution

The KPMG Leasing Solution offers a single system to gain insight into your entire lease portfolio and to meet the requirements of the new IFRS 16 leasing standards. Request a demo today

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