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The return to the customer: Three strategic choices of privacy management

Three strategic choices of privacy management

With the recent changes in rules and regulations, and academics stating that privacy is confusing, it is not a surprise that implementing effective privacy management is not an easy activity in practice. For organizations, there is no one-size-fits-all or best practice approach. This is shown by the many frameworks available and many questions posed by organizations. Organizations have given us insights into their privacy management, and revealed an interesting trend: privacy becomes about the individual again


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Ever wondered what the fuzz surrounding privacy is all about? It is all a result of rapid technological developments and changing privacy regulations. Rapid technological developments have provided us the opportunity to collect, store and distribute information via all sorts of digital technologies. As a result, a lot of personal information has been made digitally available: your taxes, your medical history and your expenses, to name but a few (see Figure 1). You can store your data in the cloud and access it via your phone, regardless of your geographic location. Organizations have embraced this development to offer new services such as cloud storage, block chains and virtual reality. Not only to the end user, but also to their own employees, in terms of an online environment to consult their paycheck and change the information of their place of residence, for example.

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Source: Compact 2016-3

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