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SAP landscape security: Three common misconceptions

SAP landscape security: Three common misconceptions

The most critical industrial, financial and core infrastructure systems in the world are controlled by SAP systems. SAP integrates and connects all aspects of your business processes and thereby often stores high value data such as finance, sales and personnel related data.


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SAP is an attractive target for cyber attacks for both malicious insiders and external actors, aiming to attack critical business processes that are facilitated by SAP. Threats to SAP systems go well beyond rogue privileged SAP users, but extend to insiders within the company, corporate spies, cyber criminals and hostile intelligence services or nation states. Given such high-profile threats and a wealth of identified SAP vulnerabilities, it is clear that an integral and thorough approach is desirable to adequately secure your SAP landscape. However, there are still many misconceptions around SAP Landscape protection.

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Source: Compact 2016-3

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