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Succeeding in Disruptive Times

Succeeding in Disruptive Times

Major organizations across the globe are attuned to the urgent need to transform their business and operating models, in light of evolving customer behaviors, disruptive technologies, regulatory policies, and globalization. Yet many senior executives feel their organizations are not capable of driving the transformational changes necessary to create higherperforming organizations.




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Succeeding in Disruptive Times

Three critical factors for business transformation success

Senior executives are alert to the rapidly unfolding risks and opportunities, but many lack key capabilities to respond effectively. These are among the top conclusions of KPMG's 2016 research on business transformation, based on survey responses and interviewswith more than 1,600 senior executives across industries in 16 countries.

In fact, KPMG's Global Transformation Study found that 96 percent of organizations are in some phase of transformation, and nearly halfhave completed at least one transformation initiative in the past 24 months.

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