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Banking Systems Survey 2015/2016

Banking Systems Survey 2015/2016

Technology challenges for Dutch banks in the digital era


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Banking Systems Survey

There are no shortage of publications on trends in banking. KPMG has contributed to this discussion and we consider the seven trends shown here as the ones that will have the biggest impact on the banking sector.

This fourth edition of our Banking Systems Survey adopts a specific perspective: it provides a survey of the Dutch banking industry as seen through the eyes of banks' IT leadership. It tries to link trends in business, technology and consumer behaviour to banks' IT strategies by answering questions such as what IT strategies the Dutch banks have developed to deal with the future of banking? What kind of IT systems do they currently use? Will Dutch banks invest in new platforms? Is IT leadership at banks aware of the current trends in Fintech and how do they think these trends are likely to disrupt their companies? Do banks have sufficient funding for digitalization or is too much of their IT budgets spent on regulatory improvements?

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